The owners of Retro Music

Experienced Retro DJ Hire for Sydney, Southern Highlands & Central Coast.

Retro Music evolved in the early 90's as an additional business from our already running Music Production Company.
The head DJ is Glenn Aird / DJ MAGOO® who started DJ'ing in 1984 whilst still in High School.

Glenn will be replaying all of your radio party classics as he worked on them when they were first released. They are now today's Retro classics.

DJ & Music Industry Credentials that no one else has

What other DJ do you know has his name on 14 ARIA top 10 singles, 24 ARIA top 10 Albums and over 30 DJ Only promotional releases and who used to put together the Hit Machine Various Artist compilations.
Oh and for the record he is the only working Australian DJ to be credit for two A.R.I.A. #1 singles. Glenn /DJ MAGOO have his name on ARIA #1 single for Hot 30 mix of Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis "Crusin" from the Duets Soundtrack that sold over 250,000 units in 3 weeks in Jan 2001 and Sonia Da Da, Lover Lover in 1994. Both songs were rejected by Australian radio and after Glenn worked his magic these two songs became number one in the Australian Singles charts.

Our Retro Music Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is our true reflection on how we interact with our clients, guests & staff on every level.
We ensure that every client and guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service. 

Retro Music - Environmental management system commitment

Retro Music takes the position of environmental responsibility seriously and we see this as the way we will continue to do business into the future.
The business has always sought to minimise the environmental impact of its products and services.
We dispose of all projector & lighting lamps correctly and our PA equipment is computer controlled with automatic switching into standby mode as required. Our lighting has moved with the times and is now 80% LED. This also helps to reduce the amount of current we draw on our bigger systems.
We promote the concept of reduce and re-use throughout all business activities including recycling and end of life disposal.