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Experienced Retro DJ Hire for Sydney, Southern Highlands & Central Coast.

Retro Music evolved in the early 90's as an additional business from our already running Music Production Company.
The head DJ is Glenn Aird / DJ MAGOO® who started DJ'ing in 1984 whilst still in High School.

Glenn will be replaying all of your radio party classics as he worked on them when they were first released. They are now today's Retro classics.

DJ & Music Industry Credentials that no one else has

What other DJ do you know has his name on 14 ARIA top 10 singles, 24 ARIA top 10 Albums and over 30 DJ Only promotional releases and who used to put together the Hit Machine Various Artist compilations.
Oh and for the record he is the only working Australian DJ to be credit for two A.R.I.A. #1 singles. Glenn /DJ MAGOO have his name on ARIA #1 single for Hot 30 mix of Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis "Crusin" from the Duets Soundtrack that sold over 250,000 units in 3 weeks in Jan 2001 and Sonia Da Da, Lover Lover in 1994. Both songs were rejected by Australian radio and after Glenn worked his magic these two songs became number one in the Australian Singles charts.

His passion for music was intense and was employed at 16 years of age by Festival Records a news limited company in their Pyrmont Recording Studio facilities. Not only was Glenn working his way into Sydney's late 80's pub & party market as a DJ & lighting hire, but he was working along side the biggest Australian Recording Artrist at his day job. Unlike his competitors who had boring office day jobs he had music around him seven days a week.
Festival Records was home to the biggest Artists and recording labels of the world.
Working face to face with Leo Sayer, Billy Idol, Sonia Da Da, Kylie Minogue, Jimmy Barnes, The Choirboys, Icehouse, Peter Andre, Kate Ceberano, Pee Wee Ferris, Josh Abrahams & Amiel, Jo Beth Taylor, Toni Pearen, The Cockroaches / Wiggles, Faith No More, The Goo Goo Dolls, Diesel, The Angels and many more fabulous bands from the 80's and 90s.

Did you know that many of the songs you here on the radio today from 1987 til 2002 needed to be edited to be accepted for radio airplay, well that was part of his job. He also went the other way to make extended dance promotional versions for Australian DJ only limited release for the Top 40 club circuit. These vinyl promo releases are extremely rare, some djs would die to get their hands on and of course he plays them at 90's themed parties.

Glenn was working every weekend and then took on Thursday night DJ as well playing Top 40 dance music and light retro party music.
Way before the well know retro club in Sydney of today, Glenn (DJ MAGOO®) and his DJ mates were in Angel Pace in Sydneys first official Retro club down stairs with 2 rooms in the basement. It was a restaurant until 9:30pm and then the long bench tables are pushed aside, main lights off and the coloured dance lights begin with Stayin Alive as it was the owners only condition that it must be played twice a night. It was also a great way to start off the biggest and best retro party in Sydney in its day.

The large venues across Sydney & NSW all wanted the experience of a commercial dance DJ who played music for the average person who listens to commercial radio. Glenn Aird / DJ MAGOO® was the perfect fit and went onto have an incredible run of over 15 years working three nights a week as a professional DJ. The size of the sell out rooms ranged from 350 small club to 2400 in RSL / Recreational Clubs from Newcastle down to Sydney out to Blue Mountains and down to Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Social events, Weddings, 40th Birthdays - 50th Birthdays (our speciality), private and corporate functions, in fact we will party with you for any occasion that requires the best Retro Music.

All of the DJs on our team are true professionals and have been hand picked by Glenn himself. After all it is in our best intrest to up hold our reputation as a business and we would never want to have a disappointed client at the end of the event.

That is why you should trust & hire the most experienced commercial retro DJ in Australia.
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