60's Rock n Roll Music & BOP Retro Dj's

60sAO Retro Music starts its collection back in the early days of 60's Rock 'n' Roll. Some pure gold classics from the 50's & 60's will keep you 'boppin' just like the old days.

A fantastic fun way to get back to 60's Rock 'n' Roll era and dance the night away. From our own Johhny O Keefe, Col Joye, Normie Rowe to The Who. This Rock 'n' Roll 60's music party will keep you on your toes. We have an over-whelming selection of 60's British Pop music, American Rock and Australian classics for you to enjoy.

Talk to us about your favourites 60's music and we'll 'Bop til we drop'. Our 60's DJ's will always play your requests.

Our Retro Music DJ works with you prior to your function to fine tune your playlist for the evening.
We are always happy to take requests on the day.

Party hard the way you used to, with all your favourite 60's & 70's songs and other styles of music from this era.

Specialising in Fundraisers and the old dinner dance.