Glenn-A-Baker--DJ-MAGOOHow well do you know recording artists, guitar riffs and missing song lyrics? We have numerous categories across all eras from Australia and overseas music industry. Your host Glenn "MAGOO" Aird / DJ MAGOO spent 15 years working at Festival Records Studio audio post production from the late 80’s. After leaving Festival when it closed he continued to service other major record labels from all over the world, plus has been a commercial DJ for over 25 years.

We can cater a Music Trivia night to your specifications, asking questions about a particular era or even a popular artist or band.

Our Music Triva night is truly unique and has even had praising comments from the music industies finest. We have many other catagories, but our speciality is in music and music video.

The AO Music Triva events always use Electro Voice wireless microphones and PA equipment.

For more information please contact the office.